About Us

I started making candles in 2014 as a hobby, the hobby was proving expensive to maintain so I started selling in order to subsidise it. People then asked for melts, oil burners, tarts & tealights as well as ordinary candles. I still make them all in my kitchen, although it is a little bit more than a hobby now.
My melts and candles all contain a minimum 10% fragrance oil. I source the fragrance oils from reputable companies and never use cheap inferior oils.
Every item I make I always ask myself if I would be happy with it if I was the customer. If not then I will not sell it and my wife gets a free one to burn. I am not in this to make a quick buck, I do it because I enjoy it and as long as sales cover expenses I will continue.
I want you to keep coming back for more.

Please Note. None of our products or raw materials have been tested on animals

Mick Whitehead