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Pure & Simple Olive Oil & Coconut Soap Bar 100g BUY 2 BARS & GET A 3RD BAR FREE

For those who want their soap fragrance/scent free, but with great cleansing and moisturising properties plus plenty of bubbles. An all natural soap bar for those with super sensitive skin. If you want soap fragrance/scent free, but with great cleansing and moisturising properties, this is the soap for you. Like many of our soaps this was first introduced at request from a customer. Not only is it great for all skin types, but it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Like all our soap, it has not been tested on animals All natural ingredients with extra bubbles, helping your skin feel silky smooth. Cocoa Butter Produces a hard bar with a stable lather, is very conditioning making it good for eczema, dermatitis, stretch marks, creates a barrier between your skin and the sometimes harsh environment, keeping the moisture in your skin where it belongs. Coconut Oil Not only does it produce a rock hard soap with a fantastic lather but this oil is wonderfully moisturising and adds a barrier to the skin protecting it from the elements. It's cleansing ability is amazing and is one of the few oils that produces a soap that will lather in salt water. Olive Oil Produced here in Milas, Olive oil supports regeneration of the skin tissue and the regulation of natural moisture balance. Rich in high quality antioxidants, which neutralise free radicals that can be harmful to the skin. Rich in substances with anti-inflammatory effects.
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